Physics of Optics and light properties


Physics of Optics and light propertiesPhysics of Optics:

Introduction to Physics of Optics:

Optics is basically a branch of physics that works with the analysis of behavior and the characteristics of light, along with its interaction with matter and also with the equipment that is used to detect it. Optics are, in a simplified manner, used to describe the behavior of visible light, infrared light, and ultraviolet. With the help of a system imaging can be done called an image forming an optical system. In optical physics, the spherical lenses and plano optics holds a very special place as they are used for a wide range of applications, to know more about it visit pfg optics.

Ray optics is also known as geometrical optics. It is the branch of physics that works with the propagation of light in terms of “rays”.

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Light and its properties:

Light is a form of energy that occurs in the form of an electromagnetic wave and is almost everywhere around us. The light is visible within the range ooff 400-700 nanometers. The Sun is the primary source of light which helps the plants to produce food and energy. In physics, the term light also refers to electromagnetic radiation of various wavelengths, whether or not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, microwaves, gamma waves, radio waves, and X-rays are also considered as a type of light.

Properties of light:

Reflection- One of the primary properties of light is reflection. Reflection is simply the images you see in the mirror. We can define the reflection in terms of the change in the direction of light at an interface between two different media so that the wave-front returns to the medium from which it originated. Water waves and sound waves are typical examples of reflections of light.

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Refraction- When light travels from one medium to another, it slightly gets bend, this property of bending is known as refraction. The refraction property is used in many devices such as magnifying lenses, microscopes, corrective lenses, and many more. In this property, when light is transmitted through a medium, the electrons are polarized which in turn reduces the speed of light, thereby changing the direction of the light.

Dispersion- It is the characteristics of property of light in which a white light gets split into the different colors present in it. We can also observe this phenomenon of dispersion in the form of a prism. It also includes some other properties known as diffraction and interference.